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Room air conditioner split wall-mounted type (39 pages). Air Conditioner Air-Con ASKCI4H4R18 Installation Manual. Dc inverter u-match series floor ceiling type Choose a product from the list below to find the manual for your product.MCAF248R5I. DC INVERTER MULTI-SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER. FILE NO. These instructions are all you need for most installation sites and maintenance COMFORT SERIES DC INVERTER AIR. CONDITIONER. SERVICE MANUAL. Mono DC. Table of Contents. 1. Precaution. 2. Part Names And Functions. 3. INVERTER. At the start of operation, a large power is used to bring the room quickly to the desired temperature. Afterwards, the unit automatically switches to a or operating your new air conditioning unit. Make sure to save this manual for future reference. Owner's Manual. Dream Inverter Series. All Model Numbers TECHNICAL & SERVICE MANUAL. CS-KE30NKU + CU-KE30NKU. CS-KE36NKU + CU-KE36NKU. DC INVERTER SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER. DC INVERTER MULTI-SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONER. Outdoor Model No. AE2MI40AH. AE2MI56AHB. AE3MI68AH. AE4MI80AH. Capacity. 4.0kW. 5.6kW. 6.8kW. SERVICE MANUAL. AIR-CON SILVER SERIES. DC INVERTER. SPLIT WALL-MOUNTED AC. V1.0. Oct, 2009. A17EM4C4M09 / A17CI4C4M09. Service Manual. Model: ACZEM4C4R18/ DC fan interface. 2 If the air conditioner gives out a beep sound, it means the signal has been sent. When unit is

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